[Wine] Running FractalTime Software through WINE on Ubuntu 10.04?

invisiblelandscape wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 5 11:11:16 CDT 2010

Hi I am very new to Linux and Ubuntu platforms and this WINE software.  I am attempting to run a program called Fractal Time that I have downloaded in the form of a torrent file.  I have my executable file ready (it is called frt710.exe) and I believe that I have WINE installed correctly on my OS, but I cannot get WINE to open the software.  I have done a lot of research online and I think that everything is configured properly, but I cannot ask the system to make it work correctly.  As I said, I am very new to these programs so I could be missing something super easy in these steps.  I also might just be using it imporperly, in which case a simple crash course might aid me.  Any help is so appreciated.  

The software itself is very interesting and I urge anybody who is interested in either the work of Terence McKenna or in a fractal theory of time should check it out.  Thank you in advance for any help in figuring out how to make this windows based software work in my Ubuntu environment.

Thanks again


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