[Wine] Easy question for advanced users

cdhulf wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 6 14:34:40 CDT 2010

I just loaded WINE onto my Mac, installed the windows program Troopmaster 2010 for boy scouts through Terminal. I am not well versed in programming and barely made it through directions but I believe I did install program properly.
In Terminal when I look in the drive_c I see Troopmaster Software. BUT. I am not sure how to write the command in Terminal to open up the program. Also the directions that I was using said there should be a file with .exe in the drive_c but I don't see one. (There is the .exe file that I used to install the program .)

Here is the text from Terminal that could be helpful. Maybe you can see what I am looking at. 
My question is...what coding do I use next to open the program Troopmaster?.....Thank you for  your help. Cindy Hulfachor

Last login: Mon Sep  6 14:36:32 on ttys000
Cindy-iMac-5:~ cindy$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/
Cindy-iMac-5:drive_c cindy$ ls -1
Program Files
Troopmaster Software
Cindy-iMac-5:drive_c cindy$

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