[Wine] hhc.exe compiles .chm files, but does not index properly

samdafi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 7 00:17:11 CDT 2010


I've spent a while reading about configuring WINE for use with hhc.exe to create .chm files. These instructions almost work:


But, when comparing the Windows-generated .chm to the Linux-generated .chm, the Linux-generated one does not have sorted or consolidated index entries. It seems that whatever part of the process is responsible for sorting and grouping simply doesn't fire when running under WINE, but there's no error. I am already using the native versions of:

hhctrl.ocx (I get the same results without this native .ocx file)

I get the same behavior from wine 1.2 and wine 1.0.1. I've been spending some time just randomly overriding other dlls to no avail. Does anybody have an idea what I might have configured incorrectly or a lead I should follow? I'm feeling rather dead in the water right now. Thanks for any help,


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