[Wine] .net 3.0 and Windows Presentation Framework?

denis bonnenfant denis.bonnenfant at diderot.org
Tue Sep 7 08:13:45 CDT 2010


I'm currently using SolidWorks with Wine 1.3-2, and it works pretty well
now. Unfortunately, some add-ons depends on .net30, and particularly
WPF. As mono2.x doesn't support WPF, is there a way to use native one
from .net30 ?

I tried to install dotnet20 and 30 only with winetricks, but it doesn't
helps. In fact it trashes my SolidWorks installation, and i had to
restore my wineprefix to be able to use it again. 

When installing mono2.6 alone, Solidworks complains about WPF missing. 
So :

1 - Does it makes sense to install dotnet30 for another purpose than
making installers happy ?

2 - does installing dotnet30 with mono 2.6 makes sense in this case ?

3 - is there a way to prevent it from making SolidWorks unuseable ?  

Thanks for any help,


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