[Wine] Re: Starcraft 2 Access Violation

ttempje wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 7 14:29:06 CDT 2010

hmm, yes.
There have been more reports the performance is a LOT worse than on windows. I don't think it is an Nvidia only problem. I think people should just play it in low graphics mode, but I'm not sure.

I played (and finished) the game using crossover games on low graphic settings in 2560x1600. That runs perfectly acceptably on my computer (an old core 2 duo bought in 2007 but with 4GB RAM, a cheap intel 40GB SSD and this new graphics card). I briefly tried it using wine, I didn't notice much difference in performance. Both have the same bug btw that require you to set the video memory in the registry. 

I haven't  measured the fps (don't know how), but it appears smooth on low. On medium or higher setting it definitely isn't, that is quite choppy.

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