[Wine] Warhammer Online

aydos wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 8 09:05:42 CDT 2010

Has anyone tried Warhammer Online anytime recently with any newer version of WINE. I have been wanting to make the full swap to Ubuntu for quite some time, but I am a huge gamer and that is what is always holding me back.

I have a group of friends and we all play MMOs together and currently they will only play Warhammer Online. From everything I have read you have to do alot of crazy work to get it to run and even then it runs like poo. I am just wondering if we have any active WAR players here that have dabbled in it at all. Most of the info is out of date on the net I have been looking for weeks. The game has an endless free trial so anyone can play the game so I figured here would have been more interest that what there is.

I tried Cedega which apparently transgaming has not touched in a while and that does not even work, which is surprisingly to me since transgaming makes Cider which does the office Mac WAR client.

Apparantly the vertex shader is the main problem, but if there is a MAC version that is suppoes to run flawlessly doesnt that mean that OpenGL is an option.

Any help would be appreciated I would love to swap over fully.

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