[Wine] Help With WINE & Folding at Home...

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 15:57:34 CDT 2010

hey Santefe,

I've never used folding at home through wine, but this still looks fairly
obvious to me...

>> fixme:file:MoveFileWithProgressW MOVEFILE_WRITE_THROUGH unimplemented

the key here is "unimplemented".  Whenever you see that, it means the
program is making a call to something that is present in Windows, but
NOT implemented by wine.

> Since everyone always says GOOGLE is your friend, I tried GOOGLEing the above error message & while I've found hundreds of links none answers the question Is this something serious, or not?  What is it?  And is there some windows32 DLL I'm missing I need to import?

It is serious, if the application misbehaves, doesn't run properly or
doesn't run at all. is the app working correctly???

Also, just a tip, not all DLL's can be migrated to wine. some can
while others won't work right, as they may try to access
libraries/functions that are unimplmented by wine.

- but maybe someone else has more insight into using folding at home, and
can give you more specific details.

I hope that helps (a little anyway)


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