[Wine] No sound, no information why, where to start?

atle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 11 07:14:31 CDT 2010

Wine and spotify used to work. Now it doesn't, and I don't know why.

Main problem is that Wine doesn't give any information back regarding why audio fails, only that it fails.

When using winecfg, opening the Audio tag, choosing Alsa Driver and pressing "Test sound", a pop up reports "Audio test failed!". Nothing more. Choosing OSS, switching to emulation, same error message.

But I have to mention that I do get a couple of "disabling mixer" debug messages.

I have browsed the documentation, and used google, but not been able to find any information about how to find out what the problem is.

Alsa is of course working in other programs. Aplayworks. Mplayer works. KDE configuration test works.

So, how do I start figuring out what's wrong?

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