[Wine] Re: Help With WINE & Folding at Home...

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 11 16:03:54 CDT 2010

SantaFe wrote:
> How to you do that?  I've clicked on Configure WINE in the Ubuntu menu & can't find that option.

It's handled via an environmental variable.  When you run a program from the command line, you can prefix the wine command with "WINEDEBUG=-all".  For instance, "WINEDEBUG=-all wine notepad.exe".

You can also edit your menu shortcuts to always do this when starting certain apps by using the env command.  As an example, my shortcut for Runes of Magic starts the game using the command:  env WINEPREFIX="/home/evil/.wine.rom" wine "W:\games\RoM\Runes of Magic.exe"

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