[Wine] Lucerne

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 11:01:20 CDT 2010


> I meant, philosophically tolerable, in the sense that the choice to
> work on other things first and this later is not of itself a bad
> one.  Clearly it does mean that you -- and quite likely others --
> will be unable to use these early releases because of that choice.

Yes, i understand this, and why they have done things this way.  It's
no different than the odd application that i have
had to install as "root", using wine, followed by me migrating the
app/registry into my /home/.wine. as non-root wouldn't work. there are
just certain things that require root with what they are trying to
do(for now anyway).

> OTOH, if they don't even have "don't require root" on their list of
> capabilities that must be achieved for the work to be considered
> "finished", I would consider that a serious shortcoming.

Agreed, it is not anywhere near being complete. But there is still the
issues of having to disable SMP in the kernel, and things like
"disable heap randomization", etc. It requires you disable kernel
features that are commonly utilized by most modern PC's running Linux.
Why would i want to lesson my Linux experience, to have my system run
Windows, more integrated???
That seems like a really bad trade-off, for me anyway.

even if all of these issues are fixed,  i still won't use it unless
either, A: Wine integrates it. or B: there are no sketchy-legalities
(in which case wine might use it) At this point though, it seems there
probably is some "grey area"(if not black-area..lol) with this
project, and that is probably putting it mildy.


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