[Wine] Help With WINE & Folding at Home...

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 11:29:43 CDT 2010

Hey Santefe,

> "WINEDEBUG=-all wine fah6.exe" ?

Almost, you probably need "env" in front of that.

"env WINEDEBUG=-all wine fah6.exe"

This way it know you are setting an environment variable.

> Does that turn OFF error messages like fixme, or turn on ALL error messages? ;)  Wouldn't "WINEDEBUG=-fixme wine fah6.exe" tell wine not to show the fixme errors but allow other error messages to show?

this is correct. "-fixme", ditches the fixme's. "-all" should disable
everything.  I believe it is also possible to set this globally in the
registry. although, you may not want to do that if you are debugging
wine apps.

In some cases, disabling debugging can improve performance. So, when i
have an app running nicely,
I usually disable debugging for the given app.

Have a read through the Wine documentation. It is very helpful and
will explain most of this stuff.


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