[Wine] No sound, no information why, where to start?

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 21:47:18 CDT 2010

Hey atle,

> I got this working finally!

That's great to hear!

> I wrote it up in my blog here: http://meandubuntu.wordpress.com/200...dio-from-wine/
> But basically it involved setting the following in the registry for Wine:
> [Software\\Wine\\Alsa Driver]
> “AutoScanCards”=”N”
> “DeviceCount”=”13
> “DeviceCTL13=”default”
> “DevicePCM13=”default”
> “UseDirectHW”=”N”

Interesting, this makes sense to me now.  I believe the default that
wine uses is just to autoscan your soundcard.
It seems it was grabbing the wrong thing and failing. So you had to
specifically tell it what to use via the Registry.
I wish i had thought to ask you about your registry + ALSA.

mine is quite a bit different than yours, mine autodetects (even my
multiple devices), and i have "UseDirectHW".


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