[Wine] How to figure out what packages are needed from WineTricks?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 14 21:51:19 CDT 2010

  On 9/14/10 7:11 PM, cnbiz850 wrote:
> I love Winetricks and it helped quite a few times to make some program run well.  But as a matter of fact, the long list on Winetricks don't give me a good hint on what I would need to install in order to better run some programs - I am just not very familiar with those Windows stuff.  Sometimes when some programs have trouble running (or running normally), I was just wondering if I could install some packages from Winetricks, but have no clue on what.
> How can I learn about it in a quick way, or where can I find some descriptions?
First, start with the Applications Database.  There are many programs 
listed there.
Second, search through the Wine User List Archives.
Third, run the program, without any additional code/libraries under 
Wine.  The FAQ has all you need to create a separate Wine Prefix and how 
to gather logging files.
Fourth, post a message here, with a link to a location where the public 
can view the logging file (Postbin.com is one such site, there are many 
others).  Someone may go through the log file and find a possible fix to 
what is not working.

Just picking one, two or many library files at random can and usually 
does make things worse.  If you know that the file needs .NET, then you 
are welcome to install it first.  (Reminder, .NET 3.5 or higher will not 
install on Wine, you have to use the latest release of Mono.)

James McKenzie

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