[Wine] No sound, no information why, where to start?

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 00:20:14 CDT 2010

Hey atle,

> What is strange though, is that this used to work. But maybe an upgrade to Wine has changed the way Wine looks for devices?

I don't think that is the case, as i always upgrade wine/compile new
versions, and never run into that.

> Or maybe there are some slight differences between my old and new graphics card, or an upgrade to ati-drivers has changed something. I haven't used Wine on a daily basis at home, so it's difficult to say exactly when things broke.

Well, you do have multiple audio devices, do you specify which loads first????

For example, on my system the IntelHDA card is the first, while my
AkaiMPK49 loads second. If i don't have this configured, then if i
leave my USB-midi keyboard plugged in on boot. it will think that it's
the 1st device.  Then, i won't be able to start Jack-audio. as It will
fail, and throw errors...but this way, the default will grab the right
device.  That is probably why i never had issues with wine's defaults.
My defaults for my system, reflect exactly what i want.

options snd_hda_intel index=0

this is placed in a .conf file, in /etc/modprobe.d   (on some distro's
it is /etc/modules)

You might want to do something similar if you end up having issues,
now that you are using both your soundcard, and your graphics card's


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