[Wine] Re: Enter key disfunction on Arc+ progress 3 cad software

Giamp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 15 15:54:16 CDT 2010

I corrected myself
Wine 1.0.1 and  arc+ progress 3 are in complete agreement.

I'll never know how I did it, but reinstalled Ubuntu, Wine 1.0.1 and progress 3, everything works wonderfully and with a speed never seen on Windows.

Arcplus is very widespread. The Software House does not seem committed to developing in linux, but never knows.
For me, it's the best 2d CAD that there is around, perhaps exceeded only by VectorWorks.
It Makes a real 3d, in a quickly and intuitively mode, although a little outdated, and eventually had compatibility problems with other solid modeling and rendering programs but, it have a good rendere package owner.
Certainly, compared to SketchUp, it seems a prehistoric 3d, however, Linux could also become an opportunity to review the philosophy of the program.
If anyone wants to experience, in addition to the official demo, you can find the  progress 3 version from the network
The program is completely open and customizable (but not the code) and works through macros contained in text files written in proprietary code, but easily interpretable.

I leave the topic open and continuous testing.

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