[Wine] USB Serial Port receives no data

Ferry Toth ftoth at telfort.nl
Wed Sep 15 16:00:54 CDT 2010


I have an application that sends data out to a serial port, then should
receive the reply.

After some hassles I got the application to enumerate the serials (in a
dialog box where you select the port), and after creating the link in
dosdevices (in lower case I should note, wine will not recognize COM1)
it actually starts sending out data (verified using a terminal on the
other end).

But it receives nothing :-(

The PC runs ubuntu lucid.
The serial port is a usb dongle
udev correctly detects the dongle and creates 2 serial ports ttyUSB0 and
ttyUSB1 (yes this is correct behavior for the device).
A piece of mono software runs fine under ubuntu using both the ports (as
it does under windows .NET on a Windows XP machine)
Wine version is 1.1.42

I noticed other people mentioning this bug, but found no resolutions.

Any suggestions? 

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