[Wine] Re: Steam overlay ubuntu maverick

thorin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 16 05:38:15 CDT 2010

The problem seems to have started upon installing Maverick beta. The steam overlay is...well it's an overlay that pops up when you press shift + tab, and it brings up things like a steam friends list, from which you can do things like invite friends to enter an online game with you, and other things that I've forgotten because it's no longer working.

It's something to do with gameoverlayrenderer.dll not being able to "hook" into the steam or game .exe or something like that, the gameoverlayrenderer.log file is filled with references of being unable to make WriteProcessMemory overwrite the first 5 bytes of function body, which is where I think my problem is.

Thanks for any help.

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