[Wine] maybe I am an idiot...

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 16 21:43:02 CDT 2010

  On 9/14/10 8:58 PM, kyosukedate wrote:
> but I can't get Wine to work at all.
> I just got a mac and I want to run windows apps on it. I try to download it from this site, some of the options don't even have a download button on them, I downloaded one but I think it's for unix. It was a bunch of folders that my computer didn't know what to do with. Is there a simple layman's handbook to doing this? I tried all the links but I am getting no where.
It has been stated that there is no 'official' Wine build for Intel Macs.

However, I've used Fink's Wine and WineBottler.  I've also used builds 
from other people (Zach Drayer used to make one, but I cannot find a 
recent build from him.)

You have three options here:

1.  Build it yourself from the instructions on the Wiki.
2.  Build it using a packager manager like MacPorts or Fink.
3.  Getting someone else's build (CrossOver is made/sold by the 
CodeWeavers folks and is a great product and comes with support.)

So, you have to make a decision, where to get Wine from?

After you install/build, advise the folks where you got your build from 
of any problems.

James McKenzie

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