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Find autumn touch of red 
 2007 National Day period,Connected with the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Dongguan Theme (http://videogamefaces.com/index.php?do=/tibettour/blog/connected-with-the-asian-games-in-guangzhou-dongguan-theme/), finally had his own a few days. Longing known as So put on Canon SLR cameras, drove my JIMNY SUV, began Zijia foreign Lake Ditch journey to find the first piece autumn leaves. 
 road and the scenery 
 many people feel that Before liberation, there are bandits hiding in remote mountains and places. Northeast in the past control bandits called a beard, Huan said that line before 1999 did not repair the links, there were a large number of artists pursuing beauty, hiking wading to come here and paint it called the 99 years after the opening of the camp here, became a good place for tourists, foreign Lake Ditch reputation is spread out. 
 leaves pieces 
 high latitudes, frost long, colorful leaves in Benxi is the climate advantage. Watch leaves the best season is late September each year to mid-October. In view of half a month of red leaves in red, yellow, green or hang all kinds of leaves or branches falling in the ditch next to streams and rich colors. This year the warmer weather, less rain in the Golden Week, I did not enjoy the best color of leaves. 
 autumn colors 
 Beijing - Liaoning Benxi Ocean Lake Ditch Road book by car model: JIMNY Jimny SUV 
 full line: Beijing-Shenyang Expressway - high-speed disk Sea Camp - Da - Shen Dan Speed - Benxi - Small Urban - Field Master - South Austin - Soda - Dongying room Township - Ocean Lake Ditch the famous the road. 
 traffic summary: go out from Beijing to Benxi, has always been a high-speed, road conditions good to speak,Beijing hotels (http://chinatour.net/beijing-hotels.html), somewhat monotonous. But on this Huan line (Benxi - Huanren), the situation is quite different. Autumn boundless blowing, suddenly it is refreshing.

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