[Wine] USB Serial Port receives no data

Ferry Toth ftoth at telfort.nl
Fri Sep 17 15:24:55 CDT 2010

Well, that may be so.

But again, the driver works fine using native mono or native linux

Is there any windows terminal software that is known to run under wine,
using the motherboard UART (ttyS0) that I could use to test the usb
serial port?


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On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 09:45:56PM +0200, Ferry Toth wrote:
> From my kernel log.
>  But I don't see why it would be related to the driver or the port. As
> said the device works fine for native linux programs. 

There are problems under wine with some drivers that are fine with
linux.  For example cp210x.

> Sep 16 09:12:00 localhost kernel: [775687.902185] usb 3-2: FTDI USB
> Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB1

There are some rough edges on the ftdi driver, but I don't know if that
could cause any difficulties with wine.


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