[Wine] Assistance with Fallen Earth wine beta

dctalk37 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 18 12:13:29 CDT 2010

Hello All and thanks to anyone who helps. I'm trying to get the mac wine client for Fallen earth. After reading a few things i downloaded the fallenearth dmg fim (named fm.dmg now) and convert it to a img file (fm.img). Then i mounted it using these commands.

neon at neon-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo mkdir /media/mount
neon at neon-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo modprobe hfsplus
neon at neon-laptop:~/Downloads$ sudo mount -t hfsplus -o loop fm.img /media/mount

I thought i was done now it seems i cant copy the main file FEUpdaterMac.exe becasue i dont have permisssions. Tried and got the fallowing

neon at neon-laptop:/media/mount/FallenEarth$ sudo chmod +rwx FEUpdaterMac.exe
chmod: changing permissions of `FEUpdaterMac.exe': Read-only file system

And now I'm stuck is there anything anyone can think of everything else seemed to copy but this file. Thanks again for any help.

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