[Wine] Is wine portable to other windowing system?

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 13:50:01 CDT 2010

Hi Fernando,

> Recently, people are discussing about wayland display server.
> http://groups.google.com/group/wayland-display-server
> I'm wondering if it will be too much work to port wine to these new display server in an event that could end with X11.

Wayland is designed to be compatible with X11. I watched a
presentation on Google videos, by the developer.
So in theory, Wine could work with Wayland. I don't know how well
Wayland works at this point, but not only is it compatible with X11,
but it has the ability to host MULTIPLE Xservers. Theoretically, there
should be no "porting" required of X11 apps, that was an important
point the developer made in his presentation, as he said no one would
adopt it's usage, if every linux app had to be ported to the new

My advice is read up on Wayland(go on google video too!), i don't get
the impression that too many linux users are aware of it's existence,
or that many linux users are actually using it. I know that it's big
design feature, is that it is supposed to provide a nicer graphical
experience than X11, as it's focus is to combat some of X11
shortcomings like graphical artifacts, and xorg being somewhat dated
and soooooper bloated....while Wayland is small and lite.


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