[Wine] Quicken 2010 Home and Business

jakwi wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 19 09:52:30 CDT 2010

I looked at the App Database, and tried to follow the instructions for Quicken2010, which clearly states that the account update was tested. 

I know this is a newbe question, but Step three is mixing me up

$wine your_installer

Does this refer to the Quicken installer.exe? if so why do we repeat this step at the end, and if not what does it refer to?

Thus far my only issue is that Quicken 2010 home and business doesn't seem to have internet access, and any time I click on something that needs it, ie one step update, or quicken.com it crashes the application.

Mostly I just need the one step update to work.

thanks for the guidance,


As a side note using the left hand Ctrl-Shift then clicking on tools>One Step Update clears the registration requirement,. If you click on the one step update button  on the tool bar (with ctrl-shift) it does not work. 

The Registration page that comes up is still in gibberish, but it displays the path, so I opened it in firefox and it is an error message indicating that Quicken doesn't have internet access.

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