[Wine] Re: Installing Directx 9.0c problem

Kowak wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 20 08:44:26 CDT 2010

Ok i tryied to do what u wrote and the game starts but after crash :P 
i ran firefox then click on play and Battlefield Heroes Updater gets and error :P and crash then starts the game but also it crash for Direct X Problem that says "Need DIrectX9.0c to run this game" so i installed on Programs FIles Directx 9.0c but game still crash :P

ah another thing i tried to install libraries that u write at the least of topic but someone doesn't install i dont know why :P 
the game window starts but inside there is nothing :S
mhhhh  i can try again to re install all libraries but i dont know if will happens the same thing, maybe should i need to unistall Direct X 9.0C?

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