[Wine] Re: Dynamic forking in Win32

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Sep 20 09:10:40 CDT 2010

rsn10100 wrote:
> I created an application that uses dynamic forking

There is no such thing as fork on Windows. Each new process has it's own address space and is created from an executable. System does not clone the parent.

rsn10100 wrote:
> After adding some debug info we've traced a few failure points to a call to ZwUnmapViewOfSection

There are number of things you are not allowed to do on *NIX systems. Messing with other process' memory is one of them. Wine only support few cross-process memory reading/writing operations.

Also the process creation sequence is completely different on Wine comparing to Windows. In fact I'm surprised this code of yours works at all. Number of those things can only be done from the process itself.

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