[Wine] Re: Dynamic forking in Win32

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 21 00:53:04 CDT 2010

rsn10100 wrote:
> Do you know of any way to start a process from memory that would be excepted on *nix based systems?

Number of ways, that don't involve one process touching address space of another process. Or simply don't do it. As you create a way to "check" legitimacy of a binary, one can create a way around it. Even on Windows, down to the kernel drivers that can do whatever they want to do.

On Wine you simply can not guarantee that user hasn't patched their Wine to do anything they pleased.

rsn10100 wrote:
> I'm sure it was done for security purposes and if so would it be possible to create my own custom NTDLL just for use in Wine or would it just crash in *nix systems?

This won't work. Wine will not let you override ntdll.

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