[Wine] Re: Dynamic forking in Win32

rsn10100 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 21 02:14:21 CDT 2010

> Or simply don't do it. As you create a way to "check" legitimacy of a binary, one can create a way around it. Even on Windows,

I know there is no code that can't be cracked but it can be made so difficult that it's no longer worth the trouble.  The whole idea is to make the cost of the time and effort put into cracking the software higher then the cost of actually purchasing the software itself.  The legal aspect isn't scary enough to most crackers so individuals who create and sell their applications need some way to make cracking more difficult.

The project started when someone began distributing illegal copies of a useful application.  The creators are not wealthy individuals and don't make much from sales but it just isn't right to steal someones work and then pass it around to everyone.  Not to sound too much like Bill Gates, but it is more then just wrong, it's illegal.

For some, the risks of *not* using security techniques like this are too great.  Large companies can probably afford to have a few pirates, but individuals can not.  If it can't be done in Wine then Wine will just have to be an unsupported platform for now, even though it worked before.  :(

If there is another way to start an EXE from memory then please let me know.  Even if it's by adding a feature to Wine itself...  I just don't want the hackers/crackers to win.

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