[Wine] Re: Direct3D natively on Linux through Gallium?

Luis Alvarado wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 21 10:43:02 CDT 2010

Was going to ask the same question. And i quote:

"In fact, today a new Gallium3D state tracker was pushed into Mesa and it's perhaps the most interesting state tracker for this open-source graphics driver architecture yet. It's a state tracker that exposes Microsoft's DirectX 10/11 API on Linux! And it's already working and can be hooked into Wine!"

The way it reads it suggests that can help wine with the DX10/11 Api. It sounds at it could accelerate wine by a full year. 1.3.3 is great and i dont even use windows, not even for playing which was my LAST "excuse" of using windows for "something". But with this, if it is true, i think a lot more people wont be seeing or missing that other OS  [Laughing]

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