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"Euralis" <wineforum-user at winehq.org> wrote:

> [Question]  okay, im not getting this... let me get this straight, i
> should not "run" wine under root user... can you define "run" for me
> please? 

eg sudo wine program.exe = NO NO

> I dont mean to argue, but on my distribution if you mean "install" by
> the term run, there is NO way to do that without being root. I think
> the debian/ubuntu series does not require super-user/root privilages,
> but mine does. As far as i know, these rules apply to compiling as
> well. If i am wrong, which i must say is entirely possible, then
> could you tell me how thats done?

sudo <package manager> install wine = YES

(package manager = apt-get/aptitude/yum/etc)

> IF on the other hand you mean just use wine as a normal user, then
> starting up this program from my "start menu" does that. 
> I did run that shell script as a root user, and as far as i know i
> disabled whatever privilages that directory had. However just to be
> sure removed wine using yum in the command line. 

Dont run winetricks as root, it will install stuff into
the /root/.wine you want stuff in /home/username/.wine

The reason the fonts are not working, is because they are installed
into the WRONG wine instance, eg root's.

root is a user just like you, so configs etc will end up in the .files
in roots home rather than yours.

> So my question now is this: how do i properly install wine, and
> specifically, what do i need to avoid running in sudo mode?

sudoing to install wine is fine, nothing else todo with wine should be

run winetricks again as your user and install the fonts

sudo rm -rf /root/.wine/

> Thanks for answering this for me guys, i do appreciate it.
>  :D

Angus Hedger

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