[Wine] Re: Anyone please make Wine permissive?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 22 03:26:43 CDT 2010

Please don't bring this up ever again. Rishi test of time is against you.

Wine was MIT license along time ago.  Wine changed to LGPL due to what was going on and for the long term good of  wine.   http://www.transgaming.com/  and others took the wine code that was under MIT License extended it then would not give support back to the community.  Most of the fork branches of wine that were breaking of the MIT were dieing a fast death.  

They were not the only party look at doing this.  Result was wine was going to fracture with no progress.   Since the switch to LGPL license wine development has been more stable.  The branches have all got stronger.

There is a MIT branch of Wine by the way.  http://sourceforge.net/projects/winem/  Its died a sad and slow death because the commercial guys without the force of LGPL don't give code.

And I think it funny when you claim closed source and LGPL don't get along.  What in heck do you think code-weavers, transgaming  and  Bordeaux do with wine.  Commercial Derivatives of course.

Then there are others include quite a few virtual machines that ship with wine's wined3d.  Again another lot of Commercial Derivatives.

Stupid license fear is all that stops LGPL code from being used.  If you don't have a correct licence auditing process you can be in trouble too.

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