[Wine] Debugging 64-bit Wine Apps with winedbg

Tom Grubbe tgrubbe at esri.com
Wed Sep 22 15:49:17 CDT 2010

Hello, we're the developers of a large 64-bit Windows application that uses Wine 1.3.0 64-bit on Linux.  When testing began we discovered several crashes inside our windows code on startup and needed to debug them.  But the problem seems to be getting any kind of stack trace information from the 64-bit winedbg.  This used to work with the 32-bit version of winedbg.

Even if I write a 64-bit "hello world" app that intentionally crashes I still can't get a clean stack trace from winedbg.  We get a register dump and a stack dump but no back trace.  So in our app, we have to resort to calculating the address of the crash in our DLLs using a MAP file and adding a bunch of printfs to try and locate the source of the SEGV.  This is awkward, slow and just a bad way to debug.

So here's my question - Has anyone had any luck getting a debugger stack trace using the 64-bit winedbg?

Some relevant info:

* We build wine 64-bit 1.3.0 ourselves
* We're running on RHEL 5.5 (Tikanga) 2.6.18-194.el5 64-bit
* We get the same non-results from both release and debug windows binaries
* We tried using msvsmon.exe to attach to and debug the wine process using Visual Studio but it hasn't been helpful
* Setting WINEDEBUG to several debug channels has helped some but is difficult to sift through all the noise

So any info on strategies to debug 64-bit Wine applications is welcome, or if you need more info I'll be glad to supply it.  I'll probably also post this to wine-devel group in case this is not the correct forum.

Thanks for your help!

--Tom Grubbe

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