[Wine] Dragon Age dlc issues

thorin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 22 22:35:02 CDT 2010

Hello. I've read through the dragon age wine appdb page, installed all the requisite stuff through winetricks, used a fresh prefix and all that, but my dlc in dragon age is always showing up as unauthorized. I'm pretty sure the dragon age updater service is running, it just can't seem to see my account as being authorized to use the dlc. I have in fact bought a couple of dlc's such as Warden's Keep and Return to Ostagar.

When I'm logged in, my bioware points total does show up, but no content in any of the three tabs as per the bug on the appdb page. When I install a dlc offer package, it shows up in the available downloads tab, but it shows up as only being available to buy. If anyone can help me sort this out, that would be fantastic. I've seen a few people writing that they can use their dlc without problems, despite the ongoing bug. I'm using the steam version, and I have the dapdatersvc service installed.

I'm running ubuntu maverick, with wine 1.3.3. I'm using the latest kernel from the mainline kernel site, latest nvidia drivers from the repos, etc. Any other details, just ask.

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