[Wine] Re: Problem with Wine on a Mac

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 25 21:16:35 CDT 2010

mlevin77 wrote:
> I'm trying to use Wine on an Intel Mac (OS 10.4.11) to run the Amazon Kindle for PC app. I've installed Wine following the instructions at
> http://davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/
>    and when I do "wine KindleForPCinstaller.exe" from SH's $ prompt, it successfully creates the file "Kindle For PC.desktop" (which looks like a Windows shortcut or batch/shell file), although it does give the warnings
> fixme:system:SetProcessDPIAware stub!err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {6e4fcb12-510a-4d40-9304-1da10ae9147c} not registered
> err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {6e4fcb12-510a-4d40-9304-1da10ae9147c} not registered
> err:ole:create_server class {6e4fcb12-510a-4d40-9304-1da10ae9147c} not registered
> fixme:ole:CoGetClassObject CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER not supported
> err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {6e4fcb12-510a-4d40-9304-1da10ae9147c} could be created for context 0x17
>    But, now I can't seem to run it - it says
> wine: Bad EXE format for Z:\Users\mlevin\Desktop\Kindle For PC.desktop
>   how do I actually run the thing?
> thanks,
> Mike

.desktop files are useless junk on Macs.. you delete them.  The way your using Wine, your going to have to launch fro the command line... by cd into the folder with the .exe and type "wine theexename.exe"

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