[Wine] Problems running Braid with Gecko

F_style wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Sep 25 21:22:14 CDT 2010

Hi all. First time posting here.
I first did a search around the forums, but didn't find something similar to my problem.
I'm trying to run Braid full version on openSUSe using Wine and Gecko (Doors has been shutdown since a while, what a shame... And Gecko is the default configurator Suse installs).
Firstly Wine crashed with an error message due to an "unexpected error", then I saw here in the forums that it needed d3dx9_36. So I copied the dll from my desktop and pasted in Braid's directory. This time it ran, but it took around 40 sec to show something and, when finally started, it ran at far less than 1 fps. Later I realized it wasn't dll 36, but d3dx9_39 the one needed (the one Windows XP complains if it hasn't dx libraries updated). Same results. After playing a bit with options in the Graphics tab, though I don't remember what exactly I did, the best I got was either getting the sound work very well but video still extremly slow, or both sound and video seemingly good, but graphics itself being a total disaster. Adding both mentioned libraries in the Libraries tab didn't work at all.
I really think it must be a config issue since Braid has been proved to work well, but I'm still a novice...
Can you help me? The only thing I remember of the lap's hardware specs is that it has a Pentium Dual Core and Intel 945 Grpahics. I can't provide more info right now since my brother took it to the job. But I think hardware should not be a problem since I tried this same game on this same laptop but on Windows XP before without problems.

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