[Wine] Issues w/ Sound

jazzyeagle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 26 09:18:40 CDT 2010

Hello, everyone!!

Kind of new to Linux, and totally new to Wine.  Thanks to a wonderful error I made yesterday, however, it's all I got.  I'm using Fedora 13 through Gnome (although I have KDE and a couple of other desktops installed as well).

Anyway, I'm having some issues with the audio in Wine.  When I press the "Test Sound" button under the Audio Tab  in the Wine Configuration utility, I get some sort of static sound.  The only Sound Driver I have access to is the PulseAudio driver, and that's it.  My sound card is using an Alsa driver, and I know I have JACK installed as well, but for whatever reason, those two aren't options.

Now, the program I'm trying to use in Wine is Ventrilo.  When I use Ventrilo, I hear the incoming sound just fine.  According to my friend, however, the outgoing sound is full of static, and I'm not sure if that has any correlation with my "Test Sound" issue in the prior paragraph.  When I go into the audio settings under Ventrilo itself, it states "No Mixers are available", and all the hardware input mixer options are blank.

I'm not sure where exactly the problem lies, but if someone could help me figure this out ASAP, I would appreciate it.  Thank you very much!!

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