[Wine] Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 26 10:01:27 CDT 2010

  On 9/26/10 6:48 AM, tpatko wrote:
> I noticed in the loader/main.c that there seems to be some comment that it might be possible to set a build such that 3GB of memory can be allocated for a 32-bit process (through virtual memory mapping).
> static void check_vmsplit( void *stack )
> {
>      if (stack<  (void *)0x80000000)
>      {
>          /* if the stack is below 0x80000000, assume we can safely try a munmap there */
>          if (munmap( (void *)0x80000000, 1 ) == -1&&  errno == EINVAL)
>              fprintf( stderr,
>                       "Warning: memory above 0x80000000 doesn't seem to be accessible.\n"
>                       "Wine requires a 3G/1G user/kernel memory split to work properly.\n" );
>      }
> }
> If this is possible, are there some instructions on how to modify the source code and/or configuration after the build to support this?  Lastly, are these modification possible when building on Macintosh?
This should work on a Mac (from my understanding of the underlying UNIX 
operating system), depending on the amount of memory that can be 
allocated to the 32 bit process.  If you have 4GB or less, Wine will not 
be able to use the entire 4GB on a Mac due to Memory Management issues, 
even if you manage to setup a huge swapfile, that are outside of the 
Wine project's scope.

James McKenzie

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