[Wine] xsyon game, black textures? black flickering

sxe wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 28 06:56:35 CDT 2010


the last day i tried getting the game xsyon to run. I was some kind of succesfull but there is one last problem i cannot fix by myselfe.

 Some regions / textures are black and the grass in the game is flickering.
Cause i cannot describe it better i made some screenshots so you can see how it looks. (The flickering is not visible, cause it only show up while moving)

[Image: http://www.abload.de/thumb/screen19q25.jpg ] (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=screen19q25.jpg) [Image: http://www.abload.de/thumb/screen2xph6.jpg ] (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=screen2xph6.jpg) [Image: http://www.abload.de/thumb/screen3dtud.jpg ] (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=screen3dtud.jpg) [Image: http://www.abload.de/thumb/screen4rsdb.jpg ] (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=screen4rsdb.jpg) 

The game is currently in closed beta so you cannot test it. I'm hoping that this is a more general problem someone knows how to fix. Anyway, here is the link the the main website http://www.xsyon.com/.

System Details:
CPU: Intel i7 quadcore
Gfx: Nvidia Gforce 275 GTX
Gfx driver: 256.53


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