[Wine] Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine

Kairhos wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 28 09:29:59 CDT 2010

I just played through the whole game (Mafia 2) last week.
-To stop it from crashing at initialisation, you have to navigate to '.wine/drive_c/users/yourusername/Local Settings/Application Data/2K Games/Mafia II/Saves' (substitute 'yourusername' for your username) and open the videoconfig.cfg file in a text editor. It should contain a line like this (when you first open it): ' 24 24 1024 768 0 0 0 1'.
Change everything, except for the resolution, to 0, so that it looks like this: '0 0 1024 768 0 0 0 0'. Save the file and the crashing should be fixed.

-To get the sound working, open winecfg and disable mmdevapi in the libs tab.

-To make the game playable (performancewise) set Physx to off in the in-game graphics options menu and set 'UseGLSL' to 'disabled' using regedit.

 After that you should be able to play Mafia 2. I got a constant 25 FPS with my GTX285 and wine-1.3.3.

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