[Wine] Re: Wine bottle management

AxlRose01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Sep 28 21:37:04 CDT 2010

i create "my botles" without it :P

lets say for the windows atlantica online for windows, i have the folder nDoors under /home/Owner/nDoors/Atlantica

i go to my /home/Owner/.wine/drive_c/

and there i want my nDoors folder so the path will be /home/Owner/.wine/drive_c/nDoors/Atlantica

just right click the nDoors folder from Owner and click make link, then just move that link to /home/Owner/.wine/drive_c/ and rename it to nDoors

now i can just run my exe from there and will think is really under drive_c :)

final result : /home/Owner/.wine/drive_c/nDoors/Atlantica/AtlanticaRun.exe :)

now i dont rellay use winetricks, for some reason on my bad quality compaq cq60, my computer doesnt overheat like same computer or other hp dv line models under windows, enabled all gfx settings on it, and any 3d linux game that download, or any 3d game that i have tried from windows in wine has worked so far, wine just rocks :P, doesnt overheat, always cool without a cooling pad and hey is hp/compaq!!!!!

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