[Wine] Re: Wine bottle management

MrZehl wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Sep 29 05:51:22 CDT 2010

Wine bottle management is just a nice GUI to manage bottles with nice features just one click away. So if you want to apply Winetricks just click on the proper icon and select what you want Winetricks to install. If you don't want Winetricks.. no problem.. just don't click the Winetricks icon. Nothing will happen.

It's a basic but very useful program. Makes bottlemanagement easy. And as you did is not a real bottle, but of course you can manage bottles without this. Just on the command line. The hard way. But I think it's unnecessary to do it that way, if it can be done easy with a nice GUI. Wibom doesn't actually add functionality, but just makes it easy. 

It's very active maintained by the way. I encountered two minor bugs and they were solved the day I mailed them to the developer. I also did some suggestions for improvement. And I'm translating it to dutch. Only czech en english available at the moment, so if anyone want to help out...
Miro would be grateful if you can send him a translation.

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