[Wine] I don't know where to look to figure this out

Barry E. Smith abicore at cox.net
Wed Sep 29 15:56:32 CDT 2010

you will have to use chown and possibly chgrp to 
get the rights to change the permission. it is 
now of ownership of root. open up kconsole and 
get in root mode. then typed in chown -c your 
local name:root then the file name your trying 
to change. if you are having trouble. get a new 
root prompted and type man chown or chgrp which 
ever your having trouble understanding.

Barry E. Smith
abicore at cox.net

On Wednesday 29 September 2010 01:12:47 pm 
bgast1 wrote:
> It won't let me change the permissions. It 
says only the owner can change
>  the permissions. I don't know how to run it 
in a terminal. Dolphin says
>  that CNC3 is in floppy0. It is an external 
USB CD/DVD drive.
> I am going to try to put the disc in my other 
drive and see what happens
>  too.

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