[Wine] Question About Cursor

Sniper_Lion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 30 01:33:56 CDT 2010

So I'm fairly new to the Wine system, and because I own a Mac OSX, what I do is I just download the Wine engines from this website and then just use Wineskin to wrap my games 
(because i didn't really understand how to compile the binary myself)

So for my first wrapper, I figured I'd try a game that I was certain could be ported - and i made sure to check that it had been Platinum/ Gold here on the Database first.
The game is Tomb Raider Anniversary and i downloaded the Windows version of the Demo to make sure i knew how to port it before purchasing the game.

anyway, i ported the game successfully (on my first try!!!) but i  
 DID  have some questions:

1) When I start up the game, the game's cursor appears and functions well but there is a sort of "wine default cursor" that is just set in the middle of the screen that does not disappear during gameplay. i was wondering how to make that not appear/ not be visible.

2) although most of the gameplay and effects are quite smooth, every once in a while (like every 15 seconds) the game sort of freezes for like a second. it is actually not that noticeable but i was wondering what kind of things i could to help reduce these minor stutters.

*Note - I am not familiar with entering commands on the console itself, so if doing so will help me with this issue, please include some info on how to enter the commands :)
-- also i am running Wine 1.33 for this port (this engine turned out Platinum results on the tests page)

anyway, thanks a ton in advance!!

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