[Wine] Tomb Raider Anniversary Issue w/ Water In-Game

Sniper_Lion wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 30 02:21:52 CDT 2010

So Tomb Raider Anniversary is my first official attempt at a port of my own.
I chose TRA because not only do i love the TR series, but i also wanted to port a game i knew for sure was capable of being ported - meaning i checked in the App DB to make sure it ran at Gold/ Platinum levels of performance.

I downloaded the Windows demo installer (i didn't want to buy the game until i could at least port the demo) and used Wine to download the full demo and on my first attempt i managed to port the demo file successfully! :D

In fact, the port i produced is ALMOST perfect - except:

for some reason whenever i encounter water in-game the game's display stops working -- as in like the game is still running and the screen isn't black or anything, but for some reason it just kinda freezes.
for some reason though, this isn't like a usual crash because:

a) the sound still works and i can HEAR her swimming around in the water and i can hear the menu open when i pause the game -- so the game still works when this happens, it just stops working under visual terms of the gameplay.

b) if i open the menu and exit the level (i couldn't see what i was doing but i knew where the exit selection was) the game's main menu screen is back all normal! the picture is moving again as if nothing happened.

anyway, if i start the level again, the game plays normally, except each time i jump in the water i run into this error again.

*Notes -- 
a) I disabled the water settings (reflections, water effects) to test if this helped the problem but it didn't make a difference as far as i could tell.

b) this problem actually does not ALWAYS happen when i jump into the water, it only occurs if i try diving underneath the water - like swimming below the surface.

Anyway, if anyone could help me out on this problem that would be awesome! thanks for your help in advance! ^_^

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