[Wine] Re: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

NonMerlot wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 30 17:38:13 CDT 2010

Thank you MrZehl. I actually spoke with a representative who called from Nuance yesterday, offering one last chance for me to obtain another copy of DNS-11 before the expiration date arrived today for the special sale pricing. I explained that although I had seen that some people had tried DNS-10 with WINE, it appeared that not all of the DNS-10 features were obtainable yet. I told him that although I use Windows for some computer activity, I do most computer work under openSUSE Linux. I wanted to have Dragon help me in Linux - not in Windows. I told him specifically that I would be interested in buying a copy for my own use (the existing household copy is for another family member's use), but not until it became possible for me to obtain full-featured service from it, meaning whenever Nuance gets around to making their commercial version Linux-friendly (They now produce versions only for Windows and Macintosh). He said that he understood, so I hope that this message gets back to the "deciders" in Nuance and that they decide to include Linux in their system requirements list for future versions.

As for uninstalling while on line, I have to tell you that I NEVER go on line with my computer under Windows. I ONLY attach to the Internet while in Linux! (It's just a personal prejudice of mine.)

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