[Wine] Trouble installing packages with Winetricks

F_style wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Sep 30 21:23:49 CDT 2010

Hi all.
I know I posted a similar topic before, but I think it's necessary to re-formulate the problem since it has taken a different wider focus.
I'm trying to make some of my Windows apps to work on Linux which used to work quite well with Wine back when I had openSUSE 11.1 last year. Right now I'm focusing in one called DBabble. Back in 11.1 I used Wine Doors to download libraries and configure Wine. Now I'm using Winetricks to download and install all libraries, fonts and programs I used to install, which seemed to be:

Arial Bold
Comic Sans
Mozilla ActiveX Control
Times New Roman Font
Visual C++ runtime libraries
Webdings Font
Wine Gecko
Andale FontCommon Controls
Georgia Font
Impact Font
Microsoft Data Access Components (Jet)
Microsoft Foundation Classes
Windows Installer
Windows Scripting Host
Tahoma Font
Trebuchet Font
Visual Basic Common Control Libraries
Visual Basic Runtime Libraries
Verdana Font
Internet Explorer
Windows Media Player
MS Visual C++ libraries (originally not in this list, but I think they're necessary)

Winetricks includes most of them, except just for some fonts. The point is, I'm aiming to install all packages from the list, or else all the possible ones by trying to match their equivalent names in the Winetricks package list (http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks). But after some tries and failed installations I realized they probably must be installed one by one in the right order. But DBabble still doesn't work, I may be missing a package...
So my doubts are:

1.-In which order should I install the packages?
2.-By installing more than a version of a same package, can I get software conflicts? Example: msxml3, msxml4, msxml6. First installed xml3, then Windows installer, and then with xml4 I got an error which I didn't get if I didn't install Windows installer.
3.-When trying to install .NET 2.0 it first tries to delete a non-existent registry in Regedit, so it always aborts. However Regedit doesn't allow me to rename values or registries, just create and delete. Sometimes it acts weird. Does it has to do with .NET 2.0 not working yet? Or what's the problem with Regedit?

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