[Wine] Re: "Find Printer" does not work

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Aug 1 17:17:44 CDT 2011

There's also the option of having one or more virtual machines. Free software like VirtualBox lets you have a computer inside a computer. They're fun to play with, and they make good practice. For example, I recommend practicing installing Linux (and maybe even Windows) in a virtual machine before doing it to your real machine. Then you can practice making a dual boot in VirualBox before doing it to your real machine (for practicing making a dual boot, make one virtual machine with both Windows and Linux, not two virtual machines, one with Windows and one with Linux, the latter would defeat the purpose of this particular practice exercise, though before you do this excercise you will want to make one virtual machine with Windows and one with Linux as seperate exercises because you will need those skills as prerequisites to the dual boot practice.). In VirtualBox, you can practice both the single partitioned hard drive method and the two hard drive method. It's also nice to be able to make an instant virtual computer with a completely fresh install of Windows for the purpose of tracking all the files and registertry keys put on the hard drive by a program (use RegShot and WhatChanged). That information can then be used to create a thourough uninstaller (like for getting rid of Norton), or for moving an installation of a program into WINE if the installer or something along those lines won't run in WINE.
It's considered really hip and cool to make virtual machines for the purpose of making servers these days, especially making more than one server on one physical computer.

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