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I liked season 7 because it actually makes you think about the purpose of life. Although I like all of the seasons, season 7 is Monk season 1-8 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/monk-dvd-box-set-p-59.html) filled with unpredictable and mystical adventures and excitement.What I love about Charmed is that the show always exceeds my expectations.Season 7 is different because you learn about a new ancient Egyptian power-the Avatars and how Utopia can affect the world. So one more time I was The Sopranos set 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-sopranos-dvd-box-set-p-131.html) happy to confirm that the next season(7 in this case) was worth buying. I own all 7 seasons-and I'm definately waiting for season 8 to come out.
Not only did we Charmed  get the 8th season, we finally got the special features we have been waiting for.  There are documentaries, commentaries and even Easter eggs to find it is fabulous.  Although sadly none of the sisters talk in the commentary, they do talk plenty in the documentaries.  I have to say Charmed rocks, but this DVD set rocked even more.
Wouldn't it be nice to see the witches with thier respective children andinstructing them in the craft ? But these will have to do .... true fans miss the message offamily Dexter set 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/dexter-dvd-box-set-p-33.html) first Nip Tuck 1-7 dvd box set (http://www.easybuydvd.com/nip-tuck-dvd-box-set-p-21.html) and loyalty above all.
Charmed is so great, and I am sad to see the show go, but they go out with a bang!
I started watching Charmed while it was still on the air with Season 3. I then began a quest to find old episodes on mIRC, which was not considered any more illegal than cheap Supernatural dvd 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/supernatural-dvd-box-set-p-25.html) recording it on a VCR tape before the legal issues with file sharing got out of control. I own the first 7 seasons in one nice little Book of Shadows boxed set sale 1-6 of The Office (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-office-dvd-box-set-p-123.html) and I'm happy to say that this has made the perfect addition to the collection. Leo's loss made me sad NCIS 1-7 for sale (http://www.easybuydvd.com/ncis-dvd-box-set-p-100.html) and the death of the sisters, even though they had died before it could have been final this time, made me wonder what was going to happen next. Billie being manipulated by the one she loved most and being forced to make a very hard choice in the end was the The Office 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-office-dvd-box-set-p-123.html) perfect capstone to this wonderful series.
I've been a charmed fan since I was very young. I Boston Legal 1-5 dvd box set (http://www.easybuydvd.com/boston-legal-dvd-box-set-p-73.html) agree that seasons 5-7 where kind of out there, but I liked this season very much since it wraps things up. Watching the series on tv series It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 1-5 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-dvd-box-set-p-12.html) made me very irritated when series The Simpsons 1-21 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-simpsons-dvd-box-set-p-76.html) I watched Billi and Christie, but watching it again on DVD it didn't seem as bad. Having an episode on OZ dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/oz-dvd-box-set-p-30.html) their parents was a mistake, it was just annoying. The Final episode is one that I believe most fans will enjoy, seeing the entire family together is heartwarming. For extras, I think the commentaries should have been done by the sisters. It would've been nice to hear what they thought.
The storyline The King of Queens set 1-9 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-king-of-queens-dvd-box-set-p-31.html) for the last season is great and the ladies are excellent.  I enjoyed the extra features on the sixth Season Eight Charmed DVD (the previous seven seasons' DVDs had none whatsoever).  However, the greedy studio and television executives could at least have forked out the license money for the 24 seasons 1-8 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/24-hours-seasons-18-dvd-p-135.html) original theme song on the last season's DVDs after we loyal fans have supported the series for so many years(including the reruns since we love this show).

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