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I am soooo happy to know that the dvd is finally out... too bad still have Nip Tuck 1-7 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/nip-tuck-dvd-box-set-p-21.html) to wait for another 3 more month... it would be fantastic if I could have it in December 2004 before the X'mas, you know... a X'mas gift for myself... Anyway, better than nothing... hehehe... it would be the best if the dvd for season 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to be release together with season 1 on 1st of Feb'05... can't wait any longer to collect all the seasons...
For all you Europeans, I'm really sorry to hear your situation!  Man, If I cheap Law and Order Special Victims Unit dvd 1-11 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/law-order-special-victims-unit-dvd-box-set-p-42.html) can help you in any way, just drop me a line and some money and I'll buy you a DVD player and ship it to you!!!  I can't contain myself knowing Charmed is coming out on DVD!!!  I have never seen the very first episode!!!  They play the series on 2 channels here in the states; one channel shows re-runs every night and one shows the newest episodes.
I cannot believe they are finally going to put Charmed on dvd. I'm dying to get it when it is released. I never complete 1-4 of The Tudors (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-tudors-dvd-box-set-p-45.html) thought the day would come! WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG???
I enjoy this series.  When will the second season come out.  Will there be the whole series that will come on DVD?  The show is very entertaining.
I checked my e-mail tonight and noticed an Update from dvd Cold Case dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/cold-case-dvd-box-set-p-66.html) stating that Charmed would released on DVD, and just about keeled over!!  Us Charmed fans have waited Seven Seasons and not to mention heart ache.  Andy dying, Prue passing on, Piper and Leo's on going struggle to lead normal lives and save their marriage, Phoebe and Cole's whirlwind of a relationship.  But we have also had the good.  Paige joining the Sisters, Wyatt being Nip Tuck complete 1-7 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/nip-tuck-dvd-box-set-p-21.html) born, Chris coming from the future, (then leaving), and Baby Chris being born.  Now ture fans and new comers can experience all these emotions over and over again!! I can't say how excited I'am to have this on DVD!!!  Thank you WB!
This first season set is Cold Case 1-7 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/cold-case-dvd-box-set-p-66.html) great. I only became a viewer in the last three months. I am hoping sales will be good enough that they will produce the next three or four seasons on DVD as well.The beginning of the show is interesting to watchbecause you get to see the characters develope as they discern their Law and Order Special Victims Unit complete 1-11 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/law-order-special-victims-unit-dvd-box-set-p-42.html) powers.The interaction with the sisters is fun to watch. The actors apparently have a good repor because of the way their characters respond to one another. It is easy to get caught up in the 'joke' or the moment.The show is complete 1-5 of Bones (http://www.easybuydvd.com/bones-dvd-box-set-p-17.html) well written, well acted and How I Met Your Mother dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/how-i-met-your-mother-dvd-box-set-p-38.html) addictive. There is a good balance of drama and humor, as well as having a theme that is not the run of the sit-com material.The relationship between the three sisters is palpable, Leo fills in the gaps, and even the semi-villans are hard to hate. In laters Sex and the City dvd 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/sex-and-the-city-dvd-box-set-p-14.html) seasons, (Not on the DVD) When Phoebe was involved with Cole Turner, you could hate seasons 1-5 of Bones (http://www.easybuydvd.com/bones-dvd-box-set-p-17.html) him one minute and feel sorry for him the next. I am only sorry I had missed this show for the first years and am having to try and catch up with DVDs and syndicated re-runs.Buy the set and you will be hooked, and hopefully there will be more to follow.
Charmed is one of my favorites on the tube. I am trying to find out if they came out with the next seasons that came after this one. I already have the Season one, and I watch it all the time and buy dvd box set The Sopranos 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/the-sopranos-dvd-box-set-p-131.html) I love it. It is great for family, friends, or just yourself. This is and always will be one the tops in DVD selling. Please let me know as soon as you get the other seasons. I want them all. They are good for all ages and all people that like Everybody loves Raymond season 1-9 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/everybody-loves-raymond-dvd-box-set-p-35.html) to be enchanted. And if there is one show that will enchant everyone it is dvd Law and Order Special Victims Unit 1-11 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/law-order-special-victims-unit-dvd-box-set-p-42.html) Charmed. So become Charmed and Watch seasons 1-5 of La Femme Nikita (http://www.easybuydvd.com/la-femme-nikita-dvd-box-set-p-90.html) and enjoy!!! OK Now I am up to Charmed 4. 24 1-8 for sale (http://www.easybuydvd.com/24-hours-seasons-18-dvd-p-135.html) I need the rest, but at least I am up to 4. If you never watched these before what better way than without commercials, and they all run one right into the next one. I love them all.Keep it going. Monk seasons 1-8 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/monk-dvd-box-set-p-59.html) Wait until you get to the ones that are on now. They are getting even better. But where is LEO? We want Leo back.

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