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The excellent story of how the Power of Three was reconstituted.***SPOILER***Great episodes to the past of teenage Paige and to Phoebe's past & future. Leo struggles with his past and Piper gets pregnant. Phoebe gets married and becomes the queen of the underworld and the mother of Cole's demonic spond.
Season Four of Charmed ranks of probably my favorite season of Charmed. It does something few shows can do. A major chacacter, probably the strongest (Shannen Doherty,Pru) has left and a new one is brought in to fill the void (Rose McGowan, Paige). Many would think this would not work, but it works flawlessly. In this Season, you see buy dvd box set Law and Order Special Victims Unit 1-11 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/law-order-special-victims-unit-dvd-box-set-p-42.html) the charmed ones reconstituted, Paige working to become a Smallville box set (http://www.easybuydvd.com/smallville-dvd-box-set-p-10.html) witch and making some funny screw-ups, and Phoebe become Queen of Lost 1-6 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/lost-dvd-box-set-p-130.html) The Underworld. I can honestly say I love every episode buy dvd box set Criminal Minds 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/criminal-minds-dvd-box-set-p-32.html) in this season and some would disagree but I love the long story arc(s) presented in this season. The best ones are:Charmed Again (1&2)/Hell Hath No Fury/Size Matters/Lost And Bound/Charmed And Dangerous/The Three Faces of Phoebe/Long Criminal Minds seasons 1-5 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/criminal-minds-dvd-box-set-p-32.html) Live The Queen/Womb Raider/Witch Way Now?
I received this DVD in perfect condition, in the time stated (actually a whole lot sooner) and it is great.  It Lost seasons 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/lost-dvd-box-set-p-130.html) was the only season that I had not been able to locate anywhere else.  I am actually starting to look to dvd and its affiliates first instead of as a last resort.  I have had great luck finding things that I want or need.  So far all have been as stated as long as I do my homework.
Once again, great to watch.  I wonder if anyone can Bones season 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/bones-dvd-box-set-p-17.html) fill Prue's shoes.  She was awesome, as well as her sisters.  But these "witches" can really throw a punch.
This is an awesome box set.  Rose McGowan's first Lost set 1-6 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/lost-dvd-box-set-p-130.html) season on Charmed as Paige Matthews.  There is quite a few sad moments, especially the scenes revolving around Prue's death.  Highly recommended!!  =)
Charmed Boston Legal seasons 1-5 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/boston-legal-dvd-box-set-p-73.html) is a show i cheap Rescue Me dvd 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/rescue-me-dvd-box-set-p-115.html) have enjoyed for almost 8 years now, i have grown up with it. And have enjoyed its ups and downs. The 3rd season is deffinantly one of charmeds best, the characters and development are amazing, and keep you hooked. This is the season the changes charmed. With the depature of Shannen Doherty, you can deffinantly feel the tension that she indded creates towards the end of the season.I have not yet come accros a show that engages so much as charmed does. Prue deals with her internal demons, piper marrys, pheobe finds her soul mate, Piper discovers a new power. The triad is vanquished, they descover the source, and destroy a whole bunch of evil, all in 22 amazing Supernatural set 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/supernatural-dvd-box-set-p-25.html) episodes.My favorutes include;- buy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia 1-5 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-dvd-box-set-p-12.html) 3.04 "All Halliwels Eve"- 3.06 "Primrose Empath"- 3.08 "Sleuthing With The Enemy"- 3.09 "Coyote Piper"- 3.11 "Blinded By The Whitelighter"- 3.13 "Bride And Gloom"- 3.15 "Just Harried"- 3.17 "PreWitched"- 3.20 "Exit Strategy"- 3.22 "All Hell Breaks Loose" - Best episode of the Criminal Minds complete 1-5 dvd (http://www.easybuydvd.com/criminal-minds-dvd-box-set-p-32.html) season, if not seriesAs you can see that is most Sons of Anarchy 1-2 series (http://www.easybuydvd.com/sons-of-anarchy-dvd-box-set-p-95.html) of the season, this season will seasons 1-6 of Grey's Anatomy (http://www.easybuydvd.com/greys-anatomy-dvd-box-set-p-86.html) take you on a roller coaster ride of emotion, from laugh Dexter season 1-5 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/dexter-dvd-box-set-p-33.html) out loud moments, to the down right sad touching scenes.The only downside is that paramounts slack asses have not given us any extras, nor a very exciting cover, i truly believe that a 10 year old with "paint" could create something more visualy pleasing. The images on the cover are pixelated and the episode guide is poorly set out. The whole package leaves much to be desired. I thought after making us die hard fans wait for years that they would loyaly reward us with some extras, or at least nice menus, with some background music. But they didnt, the worst i have ever seen in fact. But putting that aside...Charmed is an outragios show that deserves the respect of anything great. Im sure if you buy this DVD you will be satisfied greatly.
I don't care what dvd Sons of Anarchy 1-2 (http://www.easybuydvd.com/sons-of-anarchy-dvd-box-set-p-95.html) people say. I like prue and I also own Charmed. Since Prue is gone in season 3 it will be my last season that I will own. Once again I dont care the people dis Prue I still own season 3 and will never own season 4 and so on.

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