[Wine] Re: Impulse fails to start

tylerbraun wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 3 15:34:05 CDT 2011

jjmckenzie wrote:
> You should try using winetricks (http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks) to
> install Mono in Wine.  This should be done to a new, clean wineprefix.

I tried this. I used winetricks to delete all... and then found mono in the winetricks menus and installed it that way then reinstalled Impulse. I still got the same result though. Thanks for trying. You did get me introduced to WineTricks which I like.

jjmckenzie wrote:
> FWIW: The Applications Database has this game rated as Garbage with Wine 1.3.18.

I did notice this, but want to see if anyone out there can figure it out before I give up. I already own games through Impulse and am not going to rebuy them or go without so until they work in Wine I will just keep playing them in Windows (though I'd rather not). Thanks again for trying.

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